International TradeLicences ``cooperative export`` to export the product to market northern neighbors Iran

InvesmentInvesting in renewable and clean energy fields


Consistent with its mission and according to the shareholders emphasis on the importance of social responsibility, Europe Asia Innovators Group will establish the first pure and renewable Power Plant, using geothermal technology.

Europe Asia Innovators Group is the first company who has received Establishment Permission of Power Plant by geothermal technology in Iran.

The site of power plant is located in Ardebil province, in the vicinity of Meshkin Shahr. Not only due to profit, but also because of the thought of helping to improve the environmental situation in the region and the country, implementing this project is a high priority.

Again based on our mission we decided to put the different projects such as investing and launching Desalination in less developed regions of the country on the agenda.

Meshkin Shahr Geothermal Power Plant Google Map

International Trade

Member of the boards of the Europe Asia Innovators Group have long experiences in international trade.

By receiving a permission of establishing Export Cooperative the Group intends to use innovative mechanism to facilitate and accelerate exporting products to the Northern neighbors’ markets.

Issuing insurance services by one of the insurance company can cover investment risks in exporting products.