We begin with his name ….

We are proud to serve our community by introducing Europe Asia Innovators Group. The founders of the Group with more than 3 decades experience in various businesses, accompany with their partners (sister companies) have formed a business network based on international standards.Shareholders of the company, using their branches in various countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iraq, and by managing banking relationships, run their international business network.

Senior managers of the company have continuous and long executive experiences in cooperating with international businesses in different countries such as; America, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Italy, Oman, Azerbaijan, Turkey and UAE, while they have valuable scientific background as well.

Some of them have been faculty members of academic institutes for more than 10 years. They teach “Economics”, “International Business”, “National and International Environment Analysis”, “Complex Organization Management”, and “Research Method in Business” in master and doctoral level.

Europe Asia Innovators Group believes that ethic oriented professionalism and emphasis on sustainable development are the key to business success in the 21th century.

A network of suppliers and customers is the most strategic Europe Asia Innovators Group’s asset that is the result of several decades of stakeholder’s activities in various sectors of economy.